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The MySQL for Excel's Edit Data feature is designed to use Microsoft Excel as a front-end for users to simplify making changes to MySQL Tables data. With a very minimalistic user interface, users can focus on making changes to the table's data:

  • Insert new rows - users can insert a new row through a light-yellow colored row at the end of the existing data; when the users type or paste any data in it, that row is flagged for insertion.
  • Delete existing rows - users can delete existing rows the same way they would delete a row in MS Excel, the row is deleted from the worksheet and flagged for deletion.
  • Update existing data - users can update values in any row and column just by typing or pasting anything in the desired cell, then these cells are colored with a light-blue background so changes are easily identified and flagged for updating.
  • Commit Changes - by clicking this button a dialog is opened where users can review the queries generated by the changes he did to the data and push these changes to the MySQL Server.
    • Auto-Commit - by checking this option, users are able to push changes automatically to the MySQL Server as soon as they are entered in MS Excel cells; this also disables the Commit Changes button.
  • Revert Data - clicking this button opens a dialog where users can perform any of the following actions.
    • Refresh Data from DB - resets the Editing Session by pulling a fresh copy of the data from the MySQL Table, previous changes done by the user are discarded.
    • Revert Changed Data - discards any previous changes done by the user after the last commit.

The Edit Data feature allows users to edit a MySQL Table's data directly within the Excel spreadsheet the data was imported into, optionally the generated queries can be reviewed before pushing the changes back to the MySQL Server or users can configure to skip that review step and push changes as soon as they are typed in.
Easy, quick and reliable; adding, deleting and updating data has never been friendlier for any type of user without any previous database experience.

MySQL for Excel: Edit Data

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