MySQL Health Check

The "MySQL Health Check" provides a technical review and recommendation to optimize your database deployment. A MySQL Technician will work closely with your team to deploy the MySQL Enterprise Monitor and to review alerts and advisors to optimize schema, server configuration, queries and replication. This will maximize performance, scalability, availability and security. The MySQL Technician can also help your team evaluate new audit functionality, external authentication to LDAP or Active Directory servers and non-blocking, and high-speed backup capabilities.

MySQL Health Check Activities:

The following activities may be included in a Health Check:

  • Architecture: Review and recommend database architecture and design optimizations
  • Configuration: Review MySQL configuration and suggest changes based on your specific application
  • Performance: Monitor queries and recommend SQL code changes to improve performance
  • Performance: Monitor memory usage (cache, hit ratios, etc.) and recommend changes
  • Backup: Review backup configuration and recommend changes to improve backup/restore performance
  • Security: Identify security vulnerabilities and recommend tighter security configurations
  • Security: Demonstrate MySQL Enterprise Audit capabilities
  • Authentication: Demonstrate MySQL user authentication against existing authentication model (PAM, LDAP, Active Directory)
  • Roadmap: Discuss MySQL Roadmap


  • MySQL Application Developers
  • MySQL DBAs
  • System Administrators


  • When:
    • A MySQL Account Manager will contact you and discuss your requirements
  • Where:
    • Onsite at your location
    • Virtually by webcast
  • All tools are installed by you on a non-production system, with advice and guidance from a MySQL Technician


  • None! There is no cost to you.

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